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Climb 4 Kidney Cancer – “Race” Report


I was introduced to this event by a fellow running teammate of mine. Her father had beaten Kidney Cancer twice and was going to be doing this event to help fundraise money for kidney cancer research.  Coincidentally, I found out about this just as I had gotten home from Skyrise Chicago Race at the Willis Tower (Sears Tower). It was still 2+ weeks out and I thought it sounded like fun.  Since this was not a “race” I decide to try and collect pledges based on the # of circuits I was able to accomplish.

Getting to this event was more stressful then I thought it would be. With the light snow falling and the bad traffic it took me twice the time that I had planned to get there. My warm up for the climb was sprinting from my car to the stadium so I would not be late. Once I arrived I was told that the climb now was moved inside due to the light snow. I was bummed out since I was all prepared for the cold weather. Before the climb we took a group photo outside, I found out how slippery the steps were. I realized it was a wise choice to move the climb inside.

Lucky, I had a pair of shorts with me and the race shirt was this sweet looking dri-fit shirt. I didn’t need to wear my long sleeve tech shirt and I quickly changed in one of the bathrooms. Others were not as fortunate and there were a lot of people climbing those warm stairwells in pants.


The new course was going to be 6 flights of stairs (183 steps). We had the choice of waiting for the elevator or going down another flight of stairs to get back to the ground floor. I always chose the elevator because I thought it would be faster. We were given a paddle with the event’s logo printed on it. Every time we got to the top of the stairwell, they used a sharpie to put a check on our paddle. This is how they would keep track of the number of reps we did.

Shortly after 6pm we got started. My goal was to do somewhere in between 20-30 reps. considering the course and time changes I figure this was reasonable. I had placed a bottle of Gatorade and towel near the elevators at the top. I had brought them along because I thought I would be outside and I wasn’t sure if the event would have water. I am very glad I did this because there were not any water fountains nearby. This saved my throat and is the reason I didn’t have a bad cough after the event.  It wasn’t until about half way through the event that I looked at the clock on my watch. 6:28pm and I had just finished my 11th rep. This is when I decide I would shoot for 25 reps before 7pm.

With time almost up I was able to finish my 23rd lap and go down for one more. All said and done I was able to finish 24 reps in the allot time. I had the most reps out of all the other climbers. I think the next highest was somewhere around 19-20 reps.

Afterwards we got head back to the VIP box at the TFC Stadium. They had some great catered food for us .They gave us a presentation about why this organization was created and what they hope to achieve.  I was very glad I could help out because they have some very passionate people working to promote research for Kidney Cancer.

Then we got to take a few more pictures of us, still sweaty from the climb, against the backdrop of the snowy field. All in all it was a great event. They did a good job compensating for the curve ball Mother Nature threw them that day. I would definitely do it again.

 1459889_369322949869608_1091321392_n       photo

Thanks to all my friends who pledged to this cause.  Once I told the event organizers what I was doing, they were very grateful (and also encouraged me to run faster).

(Special thanks to “The Crusher” for giving this race report idea to me

If you would like to find out more information on how to support Kidney Cancer research, please check out the event’s organizer’s webpage

First Post


I have been thinking about making a blog of my racing for a while. I am still not entirely sure how this will end up but I had to publish it sometime. Stay tuned and see what I am up to.